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Are you working on a technology, Health care and tourism product?


We aim to build a community of Tech experts and Entrepreneurs, through youth empowerment.

Tech Valley Abbottabad is a Social Enterprise which adheres to the values of social entrepreneurship. We value all, especially those who want to create a social impact through technical/non-technical training, capacity building, open space and community engagement.

With the literacy rate of more than 80% and being an educational hub, Abbottabad is one of the most potent regions for the development of youth. We aspire to provide youth(s) a platform where they can leverage the power of technology for their socio-economic uplift, and help them become a resourceful asset for the community.

TechValley TURNS 1

Tech Valley Abbottabad – First ever social enterprise in the Hazara region has turned one today. A ceremony was held at Tech Valley Abbottabad to celebrate the completion of one year, where entrepreneurs, government officials, students, staff members, and community partners have appreciated the tireless efforts of Tech Valley in uplifting the entrepreneurial eco-system of the region. Since its inception, Tech Valley has produced 250+ freelancers with average earning of around $200 to $300, conducted more than 50+ workshops/seminars with more than 1000+ participants in attendance, partnered up with 40+ entities including government, industry and academia. The initiatives of doctHERS and Medibility are first of its kind in the region. For the first time in Pakistan, Tech Valley strongly focused on the scalability of other social impact initiatives. Corporations like Microsoft, British Council, & The World Bank came to the region. Tech Valley strongly focused on women entrepreneurship and brought Women Digital League to train women in digital entrepreneurship.

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13th June in history would be marked as the Birthday of this amazing initiative of Tech Valley Abbottabad. And today, its the second Anniversary of Tech Valley Abbottabad which was celebrated with mesmerizing spirit. Everyone who is connected with Tech Valley and HCP showed their presence at the occasion. CEO & Founder of Tech Valley Abbottabad shared his thoughts that how he successfully completed these two years and also highlighted the struggle of those who were with him from the day one. Everyone out there wished Team Tech Valley. all the best and prayed for their future events. This program was ended with cake cutting ceremony