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Vibrancy and life has many sources. The easiest is a combination of natural light and pastel colors. But it is one thing to pick a palette of colors and another to combine them to create a specific mood. And that’s what we have dabbled in at Tech Valley – a fusion of colors and hues to create something extraordinary!

The Open Environment

As entrepreneurs and former cubicle farm prisoners the one thing we always hated was closed spaces. As you walk into Tech Valley, you’ll get a sense of openness – there are no boundaries and limits to your imagination as long as you are here!

The Location

We looked for a location that sat in the center of the city, central to our primary audiences within the technology community, startups and universities. A space that came with ample parking, to nearby sources of sustenance, 360 views of the city, natural light and sufficient isolation from neighbors so that their fuses don’t blow due to the energy generated by the space.

The Cafe

Sustenance is easy. Getting it themed is difficult. More importantly keeping an open collaborative space free from the potent odor of desi food is a real challenge. The fresh sunny furniture comprises round tables and chairs, a counter and stools with large windows looking over the city of Abbottabad.